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China Telecom launches HarmonyOS native app development



China Telecom HarmonyOS native app

Huawei and China Telecom have teamed up to initiate the HarmonyOS native app development. Both firms have recently signed a cooperation agreement to indulge in beneficial activities that can lead to the welfare of customers in the region.

China Telecom is a Chinese telecommunications service provider. It is the second-largest wireless carrier in the region with around 380 million subscribers.

Eventually, the company offers a variety of facilities like mobile and wireline services, value-added services, and integrated information app services. It further looks after local access network, global long-distance services, broadband services, and more.

On the other hand, the China Telecom firm possesses e-surfing, e-home, and e-navigator. It also manages 5G digital cellular mobile services to customers, government, and enterprises for both personal and commercial usage.

China Telecom HarmonyOS native app

China Telecom begins HarmonyOS native app (Source: Weibo)

To enhance these facilities to a better extent, China Telecom has joined hands with Huawei to begin HarmonyOS native app development. The new HarmonyOS NEXT-based version claims to boost interconnection and other technical features.

Besides, the new China Telecom app version will contribute to seamless transfer services between multiple devices. It may also boost the rapid response time to user inquiries, reminders, online customer services, and other business requirements.

Everything combined, the HarmonyOS NEXT-based China Telecom app will deliver faster, smoother, smarter, and safer features to users. It will enrich the overall functioning of the network services and make these facilities more productive.

China Telecom HarmonyOS native app

Huawei HarmonyOS page (Source: Weibo)


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