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Bank of Beijing completes HarmonyOS native app beta development



Bank of Beijing HarmonyOS native app beta

Huawei announces that the Bank of Beijing completed the HarmonyOS native app beta development for a variety of its applications. The firm has recently teamed up with Huawei, taking a step towards innovative and smarter consumer services.

Bank of Beijing (BOB) is an urban commercial bank situated in China. Most of its revenue derives from Beijing. Although the bank’s branches cover many cities outside the direct-controlled authorities area to offer beneficial facilities to its customers.

Eventually, the bank looks after several services like corporate banking, retail banking, financial market business, and direct banking business. It further accepts public deposits, issues short-term/long-term loans, buys and sells government bonds, and more.

So far, Bank of Beijing has already cooperated with Huawei to begin the HarmonyOS native app development and now, the firm has completed the beta stage for its applications. The list includes Jingcai Life App mobile banking, the Corporate Bank app, and the Bank of Beijing Little Giant.

Bank of Beijing HarmonyOS native app beta

Bank of Beijing HarmonyOS app (Source: Weibo)

Huawei says that the financial partners’ association with the HarmonyOS ecosystem will lead to a smarter and safer service experience for users. It will also boost the HarmonyOS NEXT-based applications range for banks in the native region.

The Chinese tech giant aims to avail many of the HarmonyOS NEXT apps online in the second half of this year. This is why, the company is speedily working with new partners and developers on this concept. At the same time, we could find a major software version this fall.


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