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Check the new Huawei HDC 2023 theme in action (Video)



Huawei HDC 2023 Theme

A few days ago, Huawei launched the new HDC 2023 theme for smartphones, this new personalization feature is now in action and you can check the video of its interactiveness below.

The most interesting part of the theme is its widgets page, which includes various widgets. This consists of weather, charging, system RAM allocation, a CPU clock widget, a fan, a calendar with HDC countdown, a torch camera, and HDC 2023 activity. All of these widgets are clickable and support touch interactions.

For example, you can swipe up to change the on-screen calendar and on/off fan widget. It’s simply a control panel on the lock screen.

To access this fun, wake up the lock screen with a double tap and slide on the left. This will transition you toward the animated widget screen. This screen also supports dark and light mode wallpapers with double tap action.

Custom AOD:

The theme has a custom always-on-display (AOD) style and animation with HDC 2023 logo. The theme empowers a new charging animation every time you plug in a charging USB.

Huawei P50 Pocket and Pocket S users will get a dedicated cover widget. Some minor tweaks are made in the dialer and control panel section as well.

Lastly, Huawei added a new earphone connection pop-up window for all of the supported FreeBuds devices. This pop-up window also consists of the HDC logo.

HDC 2023 theme

How to download:

You should know that the theme is only available for Chinese users but you can still download it with a trick. However, it would require you to change the Huawei ID country to “China”.

But it may delete or disappear your purchase from your Huawei account. So, this precaution should be considered before moving to change your Huawei ID region.

If you are determined, then follow the instructions below after changing the Huawei ID country.

  • Open Huawei Theme app
  • You will receive the HDC 2023 theme download popup, click that and get the theme.
  • Alternatively, you can search for “HDC 2023” in the search bar to download the theme.

However, this could only be possible via the Chinese version of the Theme app. After changing the country, you must also update the Themes app to the latest version via AppGallery.

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