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Better than Tesla, Huawei lauds its smart driving system



Huawei Smart Car

During the 20th Shanghai Auto Show, Huawei lauds its smart driving system and said it’s way better than what Tesla is using. The Chinese tech maker also referenced using wide technologies to empower smart cars.

Li Wenguang, President of Huawei’s Intelligent Driving Domain sat in an interview on the sideline of the event. He revealed various details on Huawei’s ongoing projects and developments for the autonomous driving industry.

The president of Huawei’s smart car driving system said that Huawei has a high ceiling and better user experience as compared to Tesla.

He also shared observance on Tesla’s current autonomous driving system called, FSD. Full Self-Driving or FSD beta is a driving assistance software offered by Tesla. It uses car sensors and hardware to conduct various AI-powered tasks to drive users through roads but it’s currently incomplete.

Mr. Li said the Huawei team has seen Tesla FSD experience videos from North America. These videos and the driving technologies are easier. In complex road situations, Huawei’s smart driving system is significantly better than Telsa’s FSD.

Wanguang believes that autonomous driving provides services and user experience. These are the key features that help users to decide and pay accordingly. However, the entire concept of autonomous driving has only two priorities: Safety and Time. As long as car manufacturers are keeping these two priorities, there will be market space for all of the players.

Future of smart driving:

Li Wenguang mentioned that autonomous driving is still in the L2+ stage, and it will develop into L3, L4, and even unmanned driving in the future. He further explained that high-speed scenarios will be the first to adapt to L3-level commercial use, and scenarios such as parks and basements are more suitable for unmanned driving.

For urban scenarios, it is necessary to be safe and open on fixed lines. Moreover, the parking action is relatively simple. This year, Huawei is planning to do better in mastering car parking.

Lastly, Li Wenguang answered that L3 autonomous driving still involves the formulation of many standards and regulations, but technical capabilities must be prepared first. The application is also a matter of the past two years.


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