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Huawei becomes China’s second largest autonomous solution maker



Huawei smart car business

Hard work pays off and the latest statics from market researcher has revealed that Huawei has now become the second-largest autonomous component solution maker in China’s automotive market.

According to the data revealed by IDC, Huawei with car companies as its main partners has become the second-largest autonomous solution maker. It generated a revenue of 175 million yuan (25.3 million USD) and accounted for 29.7% market share in 2022. This is a massive growth achieved by the tech maker and it continues to move forward with the newest solutions.

Autonomous Driving Development Platform:

IDC wrote that the market size of China’s autonomous driving platform reached 598 million yuan (90.91 million USD) in 2022. The overall market concentration is relatively high, and the market share of enterprises led by cloud computing vendors exceeds 80%.

Among them, Baidu’s Apollo autonomous driving cloud relies on the implementation direction of autonomous driving projects in demonstration areas in various provinces and cities, university laboratory projects, and car-enterprise cooperation.

It also includes the driving effect of the open-source Apollo platform on the R&D platform which has become the top player accounting for 34.4%. Alibaba ranks third in the market with a 9.2% share and platform delivery driven by the implementation of the Smart Computing Center. It has become the main source of revenue for Alibaba’s autonomous driving platform.

Huawei autonomous solution maker

The researcher mentioned that the development of smart vehicles has become an inevitable trend. The autonomous driving development platform plays an indispensable role in functions such as large-scale data labeling, long-tail scene algorithm training, and more accurate simulation testing.

The competition in driving products is intensifying and will enter the stage of reshuffle and centralization. In this context, provide cost-controllable automatic data labeling services, data mining services combined with the industry, accelerated training services, compliant data, and business processes, and algorithms.

“The optimal adaptation and migration between the cloud and the car end is the direction for the autonomous driving open platform to differentiate the competition. It is also an important product development trend in the future.” – IDC China senior analyst Hong Wanting to be said.

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