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‘Automobile is a loss business for Huawei’: CEO



Huawei Automobiles business

Recently, the Chinese manufacturers have conducted the Automotive Blue Book forum event. Several officials of the tech world, participated in this forum, including the CEO of Huawei – Ye Chengdong. Describing the nature and features of the electric vehicles, the CEO also mentioned that the business of Automobiles proved a bane for Huawei.

So far, Huawei has invested a lot in the business of Automobiles. The company spent more than a billion US dollars a year on vehicles. Alongside, more than 7000 direct workers and 10,000 indirect workers served in the automobile field. However, the only thing that the company received in return was a loss.

Although, when the company started serving as a solution provider for other car manufacturers, things became easy. This statement lies in the fact that the newly launched AITO M7 order volume has crossed more than 50,000 in numbers.

Eliminate pure fuel vehicles as soon as possible: Ye Chengdong

Apart from the company business outlines, the CEO of Huawei has also recommended to eliminate pure fuel vehicles as soon as possible. According to Yu Chengdong, using gasoline to produce electricity is more fuel-efficient than fuel vehicles. Besides, it can save about half of the fuel, which ultimately boosts energy efficiency.

Huawei Automobiles business

On the other hand, he explained the functions and nature of extended-range electric vehicles. Basically, an extended-range electric vehicle is directly driven by an electric motor, and where the engine does not participate in driving.

Consequently, the engine only supplies power to the battery. Even if in case, the electric car turns off due to less power, it can only rely on the engine for the generation of electricity to drive the vehicle.

According to Chengdong, currently, the extended-range mode is the most suitable and sustainable energy vehicle mode. And users can enjoy this experience with the Wenjie M7. It ultimately provides extreme performance and can run about 200 kilometers.

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