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Are you facing this GPS issue on your Huawei and Honor devices?



Smartphone manufacturers rolls out new updates to solve issues regarding security, improve features, and to add new functions. However, sometimes an update can also disturb some existing features and a similar error has been noticed recently by some Huawei and Honor smartphone users.

According to some users, their Huawei and Honor devices, while using the maps, showing incorrect location. GPS keeps losing track of the actual location and showing the location mark on other places.

For Example: When a user sets direction on the map and starts the journey, the location automatically jumps to another place (incorrect location) and starts to track from that location. Take a look at the screenshot linked below.

“Those phones came pre-installed with Android 8.0 or 8.1 (GPS was Fine). Later those which updated from 8.0 or 8.1 to 9.0 or 9.1 or 10.0 having GPS Navigation issues. GPS constantly getting signal lost or jump from one location to another. Many software updates had rolled out from Huawei but none of them solved this issue” said a user.


Affected Devices List (GPS Issue)

1. Huawei P20 Pro
2. Honor 10
3. Honor view 10
4. Honor 9N
5. Huawei Y9 2019

Maybe could be more.

Apps Checked under this issue:


1. Google Maps
2. Here we go
3. Map my India

To be mentioned, the phones was showing exact locations after rolling back to EMUI 8.0, 8.1 and 9.1.

Also, this error is not on every smartphone from Huawei and Honor campaign.

What’s the fix?


Currently, we’ve haven’t found any solution to this problem as there could be different aspects of its occurrence. However, the devices have no hardware problems and users reported that this problem appeared after upgrading to a certain firmware.

Also, there’s no helpful reply that has been given by the official Huawei support as well and suggested users do a ‘Hard Reset’. Even after the hard reset process, the issue still persists.

The Screenshot below contains the information regarding the issue:

  • Blue Circle – Actual location.
  • Direction – It starts from an incorrect location.

Blue circle and incorrect directions (Google Maps)

We also received these settings check from Huawei but they didn’t make any significant changes in the situation.

1. Check the network conditions.

  • Enable mobile data or connect your phone to a functioning Wi-Fi network.
  • Verify that your phone and the positioning app are able to access the Internet and the network conditions are good.

2. Check whether the navigation or location app has been granted permission to obtain your location.

  • Open Settings, search for and access Permissions, select Permissions, then touch Location or Access location info to check whether the app in question is granted the permission.

3. If you are using a mock location app (such as a Fake GPS app)

  • Open the app, disable your location from being changed, then restart your phone.
  • If the issue persists, uninstall the app and restart your phone.
  • If the issue persists, open Settings, search for and access Select mock location app (if it can be found), set the Select mock location app to No app, then restart your phone.

If Select mock location app is unavailable, from the Settings screen, search for and access Build number, touch Build number for seven consecutive times until the “You are now a developer” the message is displayed, then try again.

If your phone settings are correct, perform the following to troubleshoot the issue:

1. If you are using a non-standard protective case or a magnetic phone holder:

  • A non-standard protective case or magnetic phone holder may contain metal or magnetic materials, which will interfere with signal reception. In this case, remove the protective case or magnetic phone holder.

2. Check whether the issue is caused by the navigation or location app:

  • Restart the app and try again. If the issue persists, Reinstall the app (back up your app data in advance.) or use a similar app.

3. If the issue occurs in a building:

  • Buildings will block the signals of phones/tablets, leading to poor network quality or weak positioning signals, which in turn affects the positioning accuracy of phones/tablets.
  • Use your phone in an environment with good network signals (for example, near the window) and connect your phone to a Wi-Fi network if available for better network quality.
  • Use your phone in open areas where it will be possible to obtain better positioning signals.

4. If the issue occurs when you are in a car:

  • Positioning signals may be affected by the air conditioning system, car kit, event data recorder, protective window film, or magnetic phone holder, leading to inaccurate positioning.
    Place your phone near the car window for better signals.
  • Move your phone away from the car kit. For example, put it near the windshield or by the window nearest to the steering wheel.
  •  Replace the magnetic phone holder with a plastic one.
  • If your car window has a protective film attached, roll down the car window to check whether the issue is caused by the protective film. Some protective films containing metal materials may block positioning signals.
  • If the issue persists, purchase a GPS amplifier.

5. If the issue occurs when you are passing through an area with a lot of tall buildings, a tunnel, or mountains:

  • The positioning accuracy is partly determined by the precision of the map, and maps of areas located away from towns and cities tend to be less accurate, leading to positioning issues.
  • When you are passing through an area with a lot of tall buildings, a tunnel, or mountains, the positioning signal is likely to be blocked. After leaving those areas, the positioning function will work normally.

+ If the issue persists, perform the following to test the positioning function of your phone.

  • Test the positioning function and satellite signal of your phone/tablet in an open area where there are no high buildings within 20 m. Run a comparison test with other models of phones/tablets for at least 1 minute.
  • If there is not a significant difference between your phone/tablet and the phone/tablet that you are comparing it with, the issue may lie with the positioning app or its settings.
  • If there is a significant difference, back up your data and take your device and proof of purchase to an authorized Huawei Customer Service Center for assistance.

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Hermit spyware is dangerous for Android and iOS: Google



hermit spyware android ios

Google has started giving notifications to all Android and iOS global users for the new Hermit spyware attacks in Kazakhstan and Italy. The company states that the new Spyware attack is targeting the people of different countries. The name of this Spyware is Hermit Government Grade Spyware.

According to the latest report, Hermit Government Grade spyware use Government official to target the victims in the different countries and works on several modules. Apart from, Kazakhstan and Italy Hermit spyware is also spotted in Northern Syria. Hermit spyware is targeting iOS as well as Android users and its app for iOS carries six different harmful vulnerabilities two were unknown and were discovered recently.

Lookout and Working:-

Hermit spyware use government official to operate and catch the victim in their traps. the several modules allow it to collect and control different types of victim information or data from the victim’s device such as:-

Calls logs, Photos, Emails, Messages, and Device location and redirect and record the ambient audio and phone calls.


A harmful link is sent to the target user via “TEXT MESSAGE” for downloading the harmful applications from unknown sources. Google stated that it had notified all the infected users of Android and updated the Google Play Protect for other Andriod users which will now stop the harmful app from running in the background.

“Installing the downloaded APK requires the victim to enable installation of applications from unknown sources. Although the applications were never available in Google Play, we have notified the Android users of infected devices and implemented changes in Google Play Protect to protect all users.” wrote Google.

A recent report says that Hermit used the government officials for cutting the mobile data service from the network provider and then said to install the harmful app for restoring the data. Below you can check a screenshot of the app that prompts users to tap on the corresponding apps to fix their current app account-related issues and then begin an unknown background process to install and occupy an important pieces of information as mentioned above.

Hermit spyware Android ios

Source – Google

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Xiaomi Redmi 9T begins collecting June 2022 security update



Xiaomi Redmi 9T June 2022 update

Xiaomi June 2022 security update is now taking its steps towards the entry-level Redmi 9T smartphones. The update is rolling out in Europe and Taiwan for the respective smartphone users through the OTA distribution.

So far, the Chinese manufacturer has pushed off the latest June 2022 security patch to many of its devices. Starting from the flagship models to reaching the entry levels, the company tried to cover all the devices with the latest improvement patches.

For the moment, Xiaomi Redmi 9T June 2022 security update is landing on the MIUI version V12.5.8.0.RJQEUXM and package size 2.8GB in Europe. Meanwhile, users residing in Taiwan are grabbing the June 2022 update with build number V12.5.4.0.RJQTWXM and package size 2.7GB.

Although the device is catching a fresh security patch. Yet, it is still running on the Android 11-based MIUI 12.5 system. Redmi 9T will get a major Android update or it has to rely on the same built is still a big question for its users.


Xiaomi Redmi 9T June 2022 update

How to install the latest patch?

While the update is taking time to reach the compatible units. Users can try the manual way to install the new update to their device. Just run to the Settings menu, and select the About Phone section followed by the System Updates. Further, follow the on-screen norms to install the new patch.

Redmi 9T Specifications

The cost-effective smartphone that appears in four dashing colors, features an IPS LCD panel. With a 6.53-inch screen, it has a resolution of 1080 x 2340 pixels with 395 PPI pixel density. Besides, the device attaches a Snapdragon 662 processor and a 6000mAh battery.

On the optical side, the handset sports a quad-camera framework with a 48MP main shooter, an 8MP ultrawide lens, and a couple of 2MP macro and depth sensors. It further has a 8MP selfie camera at the top-center of the front screen.

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June 2022 OxygenOS 11 update rolling out for OnePlus Nord N100



June 2022 update OnePlus Nord N100

OnePlus Nord N100 smartphone is receiving a new software update accompanying the latest June 2022 security patch. The update reports to bring improvements to the device functions and increase the stability of the mobile system.

The June 2022 security update for OnePlus Nord N100 is landing on the OxygenOS 11 interface in Europe and North America. However, the rollout is taking place in incremental batches. Hence, covering all eligible units in the respective regions will take some time.

According to the changelog, the update only installs the latest security patch. Still, the update is quite useful as it marks an end to several new bugs and vulnerabilities found in the last software build. Besides, the fresh patch provides better system security.

Users can check the changelog and other important information about the software, below.


Software Info:

Latest Version

  • EU: 11.0.6.BE83BA
  • NA: 11.0.7.BE81AA



  • [Updated] Android security patch to 2022.06

June 2022 update OnePlus Nord N100

How to Update?

Since the OTA update will take some time to reach all the smartphones, Users can check on the update by:

  • Heading to the Settings menu
  • Select the System option
  • Tap on the System Update
  • Follow the on-screen prompts
  • Select Download & Install option

OnePlus Nord N100

The 6.52-inch display smartphone features an IPS LCD panel with a refresh rate of 90Hz. Further, it sports a triple-lens structure that comprises a 13MP main snapper, a 2MP macro sensor, as well as a 2MP depth sensor. It has an 8MP selfie shooter at the top-right corner of the front screen.

The Midnight Frost look device packs a battery with a capacity of 5000mAh that gives a rapid charging of 18W and an octa-core Snapdragon 460 chipset with Adreno 610 GPU.


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