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Apple iOS 18 brings satellite features to iMessage, tries to catch Huawei



Apple iOS 18 satellite iMessage

On June 10, 2024, Apple launched iOS 18 at the WWDC 2024 event with various interesting features and one of them is the ‘satellite connectivity to iMessage’. After a gap of two years, the company finally tried to catch up with Huawei phone functions.

Apple devices do support satellite communication via the Emergency SOS feature. However, this capability only lets you text/dial emergency services or contacts for help. Other than that, it doesn’t let you initiate other communication tasks.

With iOS 18, Apple has brought in the “two-way satellite SMS” feature and lets you connect with your friends or families using the iMessage app. iPhone users can send and receive texts, share emojis, as well as Tapbacks (iMessage reactions).

Apple iOS 18 satellite iMessage

Apple iOS 18 brings satellite features to iMessage (Image Credits: Apple)

From the name, the “satellite via iMessage” capability works even when you are out of a cellular network or Wi-Fi connection. Instead of using the feature only in times of emergencies, you can now use it while being in low-network areas.

Unlike the Emergency SOS feature which was confined to iPhone devices, the new feature lets you text your non-iPhone friends as well. It also maintains “end-to-end encryption”.

Apple iOS 18 satellite iMessage

Apple Emergency SOS feature (Image Credits: Apple)

Huawei Satellite Connectivity

Apple is expanding the satellite connectivity to its iMessage with iOS 18 but Huawei achieved this capability with Mate 50 series. The only difference was it initially allowed users to only send texts to their contacts when out of network coverage.

Other than that, it supports multiple locations to generate trajectory maps and easily scan codes from 8-10 times without draining the battery of your device.

With new flagship launches, Huawei improved its satellite connectivity features and introduced a two-way satellite SMS function to P60 Pro. As the name reflects, it allows you to send and receive text messages via satellite, when no network.

The company finally brought in the first-ever satellite calling device – Mate 60 Pro. This has been a breakthrough in satellite-based features and led to a new way of communication, breaking the boundaries.

Now Pura 70 Ultra and Pro models have introduced the satellite image-sending feature that lets you share pictures with your contacts without the requirement of a cellular network. More upgrades in the satellite subject are on the way and we may find interesting changes in the time ahead.

Huawei Pura 70 Ultra satellite image sending


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