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Android and Linux alternative – HarmonyOS and EulerOS gets boost from Shenzhen



HarmonyOS euler os

China’s tech hub – Shenzhen is ready to boost Huawei’s operating systems – HarmonyOS and EulerOS in order to reduce reliance on foreign technologies including software.

Shenzhen will build an ecosystem for companies and talent to adapt HarmonyOS and EulerOS. This information is confirmed by the local Industry and Information Technology Bureau.

According to the action plan, the city wants to cut reliance on foreign software by 2025. Therefore, HarmonyOS and EulerOS became the first choice to conduct this task. The plan aims to upgrade at least 100 companies to use these two operating systems.

Shenzhen will encourage government bodies and state-owned enterprises to use the systems in fields including water supply, transport, and education. It also encourages the manufacturing, internet, finance, energy, and healthcare industries to use products with those systems installed.

Huawei HarmonyOS

Released in 2019, HarmonyOS is designed and developed by Huawei. The company initially announced this software for small IoT and smart TVs.

In the following year, Huawei expanded its platforms including smartphones and third-party devices. The third iteration expanded almost all of the platforms in the industry from home appliances to smart cars.

With an active contribution and gradual progress, HarmonyOS now accounts for 8 percent of the entire Chinese operating system market and 1 percent global. On the other hand, EulerOS is a Linux distribution made for enterprise servers and announced in 2021.

To further boost its industry-wide use, Huawei already launched these two OS as open source and is currently managed by the OpenAtom foundation.

The action plan from Shenzhen is a good step for the expansion of HarmonyOS and EulerOS and will boost these two software to grow even further.

(source – SCMP)

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