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Android 15 likely to increase your phone’s security with Lockdown mode



Android 15 Lockdown mode

Android 15 is likely to pack several user features for your phone’s security and one of them seems to be an upgraded ‘Lockdown mode’. While the capability has been in Android for a long time, Google is making it more useful for its consumers.

Lockdown mode mainly works as a protection for your device against a few websites and apps, restricting their limitations for notifications. It also protects your private data from others when they are using your smartphone or other device.

Google is now making this Lockdown mode more reliable with Android 15. The inputs reveal that the feature will safeguard your phone against “juicy jacking”.

Juicy Jacking is a cyber attack that pulls out your data or secretly installs malware on your device using a USB cable. While you may think it’s just a normal charging cable, the attacker could use it as a weapon to steal your confidential details.

It mostly happens when the device doesn’t disable ‘USB data signaling’ which initiates data transfer over USB. However, Android 15 has got your back with the Lockdown feature. It’s an in-built capability that will shield your phone against these operations.

Android 15 Lockdown mode

Android 15 is likely to bring enhanced Lockdown mode (Image Credits: AndroidAuthority)

All you have to do is, long-press the power button to open the power menu and select the “Lockdown” mode. Doing so will immediately turn off the USB data access. Note that this feature only plays wonders if your device has the ‘USB hardware abstraction layer’.

Google introduced Lockdown mode with Android 9. But till Android 12 and other versions, the feature only worked to hide your notifications and authentication processes. But with Android 15, the company is giving it a more effective makeover.

(Source – AndroidAuthority)

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