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Android 15 could bring major changes to spatial audio experience



Android 15 spatial audio

Google could upgrade the spatial audio experience in Android 15 and this will likely happen due to Bluetooth LE Audio support. The firm aims to bring major changes that can let users enjoy the audio of movies and other media to the utmost level.

What is Spatial Audio?

Also known as 3D audio, spatial audio is capable of recognizing different sounds at a time based on their distance and direction. It surrounds your ears with the sound, just like a movie theatre, and offers a multi-speaker effect with realistic audio quality.

Android 15 is likely to take this spatial audio experience to the next level with Bluetooth LE Audio support. In simple words, you will receive the dynamic spatial audio over a low-end Bluetooth device connection more efficiently than before.

This will enable the spatial audio to change as per your head movements. Even if you rotate your head in any direction, the audio quality will remain stable. All you need is compatible audio wearables to check on the new upgrade.

Android 15 spatial audio

Android 15 to bring major upgrades for spatial audio (Image Credits: Android Developers)

Another significance of the Bluetooth LE Audio support is that it will extend the battery life of your earbuds. Thus the capability is a good step towards an immersive sound experience. You can check the feature with upcoming Android 15 versions.

Users can also enroll in the Android Beta Program to explore the latest features as soon as the company releases a new testing build. The recent one brings a bunch of fixes to Pixel devices for Wallet, NFC, Private Space functionality, and more.

(Source – AndroidPolice)

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