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Android 15 could unlock three extra hours of standby battery life



Android 15 standby battery life

Android 15 Beta 2 has jumped on the surface with several exciting features but something that has recently got attention is the standby battery life part of devices. Google has made significant changes that can enrich the life of your handset.

A small talk between Android analyst Mishaal Rahman and Google’s vice president Dave Burke broke that Android 15 will bring standby battery life improvements on board. This will make the OS offer an extra three hours of life to your phone!

Do you remember the Doze Mode introduced with the Android 6.0? The latest enhancements are related to this topic. Burke mentioned that Google upgraded the Doze Mode and ultimately made it faster by 50% compared to the last software.

Before we proceed, let’s understand what is Doze Mode!

Android 15 standby battery life

When you leave your phone at stationary for some time and the screen goes off, the device enters Doze Mode. In this state, the internal system tries to preserve the battery by preventing apps from accessing the network or other chip-related facilities.

Google has polished the Doze Mode and made it efficient by 50% over the Android 14 OS. With Android 15, as a result, the standby battery life of the device will increase by almost three hours. However, it’s unclear if this change applies to all models.

Here’s what Dave Bruke told Mishaal Rahman:

“For Android 15, we’ve sped up the time to doze by 50%. So we get into doze 50% faster, and the result is on some devices we tested up to 3 hours longer standby power. And that’s sort of a general improvement in 15 that applies to all devices.”

[Source – AndroidAuthority]

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