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Android 14 bring customizable lock screen, iOS effect




Google has prepared some new upgrades for the Android 14 and new information reveals that there is a new lock screen customization for all Android users but it seems like a mass effect of iOS.

According to the findings of 9to5Google, Android 14’s upcoming beta will introduce a new customizable lock screen feature to the testers. This is a brand addition and allows you to swing a bit more fancy feeling to the lock screen on Pixel devices.

The shared screenshots give us a deep insight into what the feature actually looks like. However, you should know that it can currently only customize the clock on the lock screen. While there are no widgets or any other elements that appear to be tweakable, which is the case in iOS. Let’s dive into this.

Android 14 lock screen customization

Access to these new functions comes under “clock settings”. It consists of a lock screen preview, color selection bar, and size tabs, followed by their subsequent options.

In action, the color option lets you change the appearance of the time text. It has variations in pre-set. Below, you will find a brightness slider to maintain the text color’s brightness.

On the flip side, the size option will greet you with two options:

  1. Dynamic
  2. Small

The first one adjusts the clock size based on the lock screen content. While the second one remains persistent with a small and same size irrespective of the screen content.

It’s believed that Google may bring some more customization features to the function in the future but for now, that’s all we’ve got.

Android 14 lock screen

iOS and Huawei:

iOS was the first software to bring a new lock screen revolution to the smartphone industry. It was later followed by other companies such as Samsung. However, Huawei did something new in the lock screen with its HarmonyOS 3.1/EMUI 13.1.

The latest change in Android 14 lock screen customization is pretty unique but it’s low-key as compared to iOS and Huawei. Still, we hope that Google will improve it with the final version of Android 14.

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