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[Fixed] Android 14 Beta brings nasty wallpaper bug, here’s a temporary fix



Android 14 wallpaper and style

Update – April 30, 2023: Google has released a new UPB1.230309.017 Android 14 beta build for testers and it comes with fixes for various bugs that appeared in the first beta. Also, the latest Android 14 beta patches the wallpaper and style feature, which was quite annoying in the first place.

Android 14 beta 1 patch 1

April 13, 2023: Original Story

Android 14 beta 1 is out and it has new features but there’s a nasty bug that you should be ready to face right after the installation because it’s related to the wallpaper and style feature. However, there’s a temporary fix that you can consider patching.

After upgrading to the new Android 14 beta, the wallpaper and style options becomes inaccessible due to a crash bug. If you try to open the feature either by the home screen or the settings, the system won’t respond.

And the feature will keep on crashing repeatedly by showing the message “Wallpaper & style keeps stopping”. This is quite annoying as I am a super fan of themed icons and the issue is related specifically to this functionality.

After you tap on the Themed Icons, the Pixel launcher will crash and lead you to the home screen. From there, the entire scenario of crashing reiterates.

Android 14 beta wallpaper bug

Meanwhile, there’s a temporary fix that will allow you to regain access to the Wallpaper and style option but it’s not permanent. I guess we’ll have to wait until Google rolls out a proper fix for this issue.

Let’s take a look at the instructions to reclaim Wallpaper & styles.

Before we begin, you should know that we are about to clear the data of the Pixel launcher. This will wipe out all of the current customizations from your home screen including the themed icons, widgets, and all of the home screen stuff. It means the screen will be set to default except for the wallpaper.

  • Open up settings and visit Apps.
  • Expand all apps and find the Pixel launch
  • Tap on “Storage & cache
  • Select ‘Clear Storage’ and press Delete to confirm the deletion

Android 14 beta wallpaper bug

That’s it, your pixel launch is now set to default and reopen the gates of Wallpaper and style options at your service.

Note, if you enable the themed icons, the problem will reappear. So, be aware of that.

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