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An exclusive partner will join Huawei on August 31



huawei Exlusive partner

Huawei officially announced that a new exclusive partner will join the company on August 31. On this day, the company will also unveil newly co-branded products for the consumer. The launch has been officially teased along with the poster that teases the upcoming launch event.

The poster has two different shapes, one of them could be assumed as a SIM card, while the other one seems to be a router with rounded corners. Thus, the new product may be a mobile router package.

According to some users on social media, it’s probably a new router that will be unveiled. Also, Huawei will get a new partner in its business and it will be a major part of the announcement. Still, there’s no official confirmation available on any of these.

Already available Huawei mobile router

The current-gen Huawei mobile router is priced at 349 yuan along with Unicom gift card benefits. It supports both mobile networks and wired networks and has both SIM plug-in internet and wired broadband access.

The router supports connections from China Mobile, Unicon, and Telecom 5G network with the highest download speed of 150Mbps. Moreover, it also supports one-touch networking and has quick access support for Android smartphones with NFC connectivity, without entering the password.

Furthermore, on June 02, the Chinese tech giant has also launched Huawei Skyline Data Card with a monthly subscription of 99 yuan and a yearly subscription of 599 yuan. It provides an unlimited data package of up to 2000GB per month.

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