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An Android 13 user installed October 2022 Google Play update and shocked to see battery decline



Google Play October 2022 update battery decline

October 2022 update for the Google Play system packs several thoughtful features, but it looks like these features have become the reason for the battery decline of devices.

A user recently reached the Reddit forum and described the battery decline issues due to the October 2022 Google Play update. As per the statements, there was a huge battery loss after the installation of the latest Google Play iteration.

Consequently, the user restarted his device to install the October 2022 firmware. However, this restart suddenly dropped the battery level from 95 percent to 89 percent. Shockingly, there was an instant battery low of 6 percent.

Although, there is some battery consumption while installing new firmware. Therefore, it is recommended to have ample battery amount in the device. But, impulsive battery drainage just after the update has puzzled the user.

To provide a reason for this issue, an individual said that the 95% may have been a system estimate. Thereafter the processors would have reevaluated it and showed a more accurate value.

However, this reasoning didn’t satisfy the sufferer much. Instead, the user said that he used to restart his phone every day. Hence, accuracy won’t be a reason for this decline. But it could be bugs and defects of the new firmware that is disturbing the adaptive charging and its calculation.

October 2022 Google Play System Update

It’s important to draw our attention to the October 2022 Google Play system update for a while. With the onset of this month, the company has published the Android 13 October 2022 Play System Update for its users.

In this latest package, the company has added several thoughtful features and an interesting Android TV patch reminder. Notably, there were some vital amendments in the performance and network usage.

And the irony is, Google has optimized the installation operations for the Play Store and related systems. As a result, it was expected to allow faster and more reliable downloads and installation.

But things have gone quite opposite in this aspect. As per the user’s report, the installation procedure of the latest update has badly affected the device’s battery.

Google Play October 2022 update battery decline

Could be a device issue?

Every new firmware appears on the device surface with some or the other issues. Perhaps, some easy steps and techniques resolve those issues without consuming more days. Moreover, we hadn’t found many users complaining about this part.

Thus, we could assume that there might be some fault with the device due to which the battery showed an instant decline. Yet we cannot ignore the statement, that this issue came in front of the user while installing the latest update.

It would be worth seeing whether we get any more such issues or any other defects with the same update or not.

October 2022 Google Play Update – Changelog

As mentioned, the newest Google Play system update offers a bunch of new features and optimizes. Significantly, the company has focused on Android TV this time by adding a patch reminder. Ultimately, you don’t need to check your smartphone timely for Android TV Updates.

Now you can set a reminder that will recall you about the latest updates by popping up a dialog box on the screen. You can check the full changelog on the below-given link.

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