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All TOP 5000 apps began HarmonyOS native app development: Huawei



5000 HarmonyOS native app

On June 21, 2024, Huawei Consumer Business Chairman Yu Chengdong announced that HarmonyOS native app development mark reached 5000. All the top applications have joined the HarmonyOS ecosystem and some even completed the development.

Yu Chengdong says that all the TOP 5000 applications have started the HarmonyOS native app development. These apps are full of smarter and more efficient features which makes them 99.9% capable of device users’ usage time.

He adds that over 1500 apps have already completed the HarmonyOS NEXT-based version and are available on the AppGallery shelves. These apps cover around 18 fields like education, finance, medicine, government affairs, food, games, and more.

Top 5000 applications joined HarmonyOS native apps ecosystem (Image Credits: Huawei)

Not so long ago, Huawei announced that the HarmonyOS app ecosystem had successfully exceeded 4000 apps. While the progress was a bit slow at the beginning, the Chinese phone maker is now pacing 20 times faster in this segment than before.

During the HarmonyOS Ecosystem development even in January, Zhu Yonggang – the President of Huawei Device Cloud said he expects that at least 5000 apps will complete HarmonyOS native app development by the end of this year.

It looks like Huawei is pacing with an appropriate speed and soon achieve this milestone. For devices, HarmonyOS has completed 900 million+ installations to date, which is a new achievement in the HarmonyOS device ecosystem.

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HarmonyOS NEXT beta is now available for developers and pioneer users. With this, the company has assured to soon partner with more app developers and develop useful, smarter, and more secure applications for its consumers.

5000 HarmonyOS native app

Top 5000 applications began HarmonyOS native apps development (Image Credits: Huawei)

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