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All models of Huawei P50 series likely to sale in mid-August, says tipster



Just recently, a well-known Weibo tipster discloses that Huawei P50 series models including Huawei P50, P50 Pro, and P50 Pro Plus will be on sale in mid-August.

Additionally, the digital blogger also mentioned that there should be all models of the Huawei P50 series sale will also be conducted with 5G models.

Huawei P50 series sale leak

Huawei P50 series launch:

On July 19, Huawei has official launched a promo poster for the next flagship product launch conference, which is set for July 29 to unveil the Huawei P50 series. However, the company also has other products in the pipeline to reveal at the event.

Huawei P50 teasers:

So far, Huawei has released two official teasers of the Huawei P50 series to increase the excitement level among the consumers. The first trailer shows the color-accurate camera capability.

The second teaser video hints about the zoom capabilities of the upcoming Huawei P50 series that help out the users to see the far object without compromising with quality.

Huawei P50 Series

Huawei P50 leaked specs:

According to the information, the Huawei P50 series models are made of different materials to make the design to be light and thin, without comprising the features.

The P50 smartphones are likely to use Kirin 9000 and then the Qualcomm Snapdragon 875 or 888 processor. In terms of the operating systems, they come pre-installed with the newly launched HarmonyOS 2.0 system.

(Source | Weibo)

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