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AITO Wenjie M5 gets V1.0.107 OTA update with new wallpapers and car wash mode



AITO M5 V1.0.107 OTA

Huawei Smart Car Business Group Chief, Yu Chengdong has announced a new OTA update of the AITO Wenjie M5 smart car with software version V1.0.107 and it comes with a number of new features.

According to the information, the AITO Wenjie M5 V1.0.107 OTA update adds new time wallpapers, car wash mode, and Huawei Celia voice assistant. The new update reminds your to schedule, and automatically turn down the volume when the door is opened.

The conversation between Celia and the user is more natural and smooth, and able to understand most of the user input. It’s revealed that a new OTA will come for the AITO Wenjie M7 later on.

Celia supports more smart scenarios, including going to work, returning home after work, going out on a day off, opening the door and turning down the volume, and more. When the user sits in the driver’s seat, Celia Assistant will say hello, broadcast the schedule, play music, Broadcast weather conditions, and automatically navigate to places such as companies or homes.

It also supports Celia’s voice to create, query, modify or cancel the itinerary of the calendar, the mobile schedule can be automatically synchronized to the car, and supports one-key navigation of locations.

Time wallpapers will show different landscape changes with the passage of time, have better visual effects, and feel a good time 24 hours a day. After the “car wash mode” is turned on, the vehicle will lock the charging port and trunk, power off, and automatically close the windows.

There are also a variety of audio-visual entertainment applications on the line, including Huanxi Fighting the Landlord, USB Camera Professional Edition, Digital Huarong Road, Sudoku, Idiom Solitaire, and more.

AITO M5 V1.0.107 OTA

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