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Air China will install new HarmonyOS features for mobile app



air china harmonyos

Air China is one of the biggest users of Huawei HarmonyOS supported services and now the aviation company is expanding its reach further into the operating system.

During a recent event, Air China and Huawei confirmed that Huawei will help Air China build apps and services for HarmonyOS based on OpenHarmony ecosystem.

The cooperation between two giant Chinese companies is not new, as they’ve already cooperated before on various development projects for flight scenarios. These include app stores, electronic boarding passes, eID authentication, and HarmonyOS atomization services.

Now, Air China will upgrade its mobile app for HarmonyOS and its 1+8+N smart device strategy via atomic services. This will help the aviation firm to provide new features to its users and passengers.

Furthermore, features such as a super device will help it to connect terminals with ease and together in an instant.


HarmonyOS is a cross-device multi-kernel operating system that is designed and developed by Huawei. The software works with the lowest amount of memory at up to 128Kb on board.

This helps the software to support all kinds of consumer-friendly devices including smart homes and other IoT-labeled machines. As of HDC 2022, Huawei Consumer Business Group CEO, Yu Chengdong confirmed that HarmonyOS has crossed over 320 million installations in smartphones and over 250 million in smart devices.

air china harmonyos

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