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Air China launches Huawei HarmonyOS Services Widget



Air China HarmonyOS

HarmonyOS comes with a variety of services that brings a new user interface and brings simplicity to your smartphone devices. There’s one feature called – Service widgets that help you check information regarding any apps and their services components.

As HarmonyOS operating system continues to expand its presence in Huawei devices and among consumers, more and more app makers are adapting its core APIs and releasing a new version of their apps along with HarmonyOS Features.

For instance, Air China has recently launched HarmonyOS Service Widget, which is powered by Atomic services. Air China Service Widget can be accessed through the service center and can be added to book tickets and check flight status with a single click.

Air China HarmonyOS

HarmonyOS Atomic Services:

Atomic services are future-oriented services provided by HarmonyOS. They are provided as installation-free apps (installed automatically by the application framework in the background) that offer one or more convenient services to users.

Each atomic service has an independent entry, and users can access it by tapping the service, using the OneHop feature, or scanning a particular QR code. Atomic services are developed based on HarmonyOS APIs and can run on 1+8+N devices. Users can conveniently use atomic services in proper scenarios and on proper devices.

Air China Atomic Service User Experience:

With just your HarmonyOS smartphone, you don’t need to download the Air China app, instead, you only need to add the service widget to the home screen and get all of the in-app user experience right on your fingertip.

Air China HarmonyOS Air China HarmonyOS

How to add Air China widget:

  1. Swipe up from the left or right corner of the home screen
  2. Enter service center
  3. Add Air China service widget

The Air China service widget supports different sizes to carry forward different options according to the size of the widget according to users’ preferences.

Air China service widget provides common functions such as “ticket reservation”, “flight status”, “check-in”, and “Special services”. Users can rely on the service widget to complete the entire process experience from ticket purchase to flight.

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