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88 Huawei subsidiaries using MetaERP, aims 200 by the end of this year



Huawei MetaERP

Huawei confirmed the first batch of MetaERP large-scale adaptation in 88 subsidiaries from Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Central Asia, Southern Africa, and Latin America. These subsidiaries are operating in 75 countries, which are now using Huawei MetaERP.

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, which is a software system that integrates and manages all business processes and data within an enterprise in a systematic manner. It is an integrated enterprise management software that can optimize and integrate the business processes of various departments and improve the management efficiency and competitiveness of enterprises.

The old ERP supports the efficient operation of sales, supply, procurement, delivery, finance, and other businesses with an annual output value of hundreds of billions in 170+ countries around the world.

Facing different countries, customers, transaction scenarios, accounting standards, and tax differences. Whether MetaERP can complete global switching and support the normal development of globally diversified businesses is the key to MetaERP’s victory.

In order to minimize the impact on the business and give full play to the advanced nature of MetaERP to make business operations safer and more efficient. Aside from these 88, Huawei decided to transit 200 subsidiaries around the world to MetaERP in two batches in 2023.

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The first batch of large-scale switching was carried out in May, involving 5 regional departments in Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Central Asia, Southern Africa, and Latin America, 6 account sharing centers, 75 countries, and a total of 88 subsidiaries. The business covers ICT, Huawei Cloud, terminals, and other industries.

After half a year of program design and development, and through business verification, the switchover was started at 9:00 on May 13, and the cutover is planned to be completed within 24 hours. In the end, Huawei’s global project team completed a smooth cutover after 15 hours of hard work, 9 hours ahead of schedule, and MetaERP entered the stable operation stage.

This transition covers 90% of global tax laws and accounting standards and fully covers global sales, supply, procurement, delivery, financial and other scenarios.

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