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5G is a cornerstone and 5.5G is a step forward: Huawei



Huawei Li peng 5.5G smart world

Huawei MWC 2023 event is underway and the tech maker is busy in revealing new 5G technologies for the consumers, in the meantime, Huawei said 5G is the cornerstone of a smart world, and 5.5G is the step towards a smart world.

During his keynote speech, the President of Huawei Carrier BG, Li Peng said at Huawei Day0 Forum, 5G is the cornerstone of a smart world, and 5.5G is the step towards a smart world It is a key milestone for the telecommunication industry.

He also promoted that the telecom industry is based on the GUIDE business blueprint, and accelerates towards an ultra-broadband, green, and intelligent future world.

Li Peng believes that from the physical world to the digital world, and from the digital world to the smart world, everyone, every family, and every organization are the real protagonists and trendsetters. People’s relentless pursuit of high-quality experience and high-efficiency output is a progressive development source of power, while operators and partners play an important role as boosters.

The Huawei Carrier business head said that in the future, the smart world will be deeply integrated with the physical world. Whether it is personal entertainment, business office, or industrial production, it will enter a new era of Wisdom Internet, which means that the demand for networks will break through from ubiquitous Gigabit to ubiquitous 10 Gigabit, from connection expansion to perception, from focusing on energy consumption to focusing on energy efficiency.

The intergenerational evolution of 5G to 5.5G is a key milestone to bear the above breakthroughs and accelerate toward the intelligent world.

In the 5.5G era, Huawei promised to work with the entire industry to achieve a 10 Gigabit experience through breakthroughs in wireless, optical, and IP technologies. To extend connectivity to perception through the exploration of scenarios such as vehicle-road collaboration and environmental monitoring. Also, the construction of the energy efficiency index system and the green development plan of the coordinated industry.

The ITU-T has released the network carbon emission intensity indicator NCIe as an official standard in 2022. Pioneering operators in China and Europe have actively verified innovations in multi-dimensional energy efficiency indicators on live networks, bringing energy efficiency improvements ranging from 20% to 50%.

“Time waits for no one, and action is coming.” In the end, Li Peng proposed that the whole industry should work together to accelerate the prosperity of 5G based on GUIDE’s business blueprint and work together towards an ultra-broadband, green, and intelligent future world.

Huawei Li peng 5.5G smart world

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