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1.4 trillion photos yearly and 89% taken with mobile: Huawei



huawei smartphone camera

While publishing the 2023 Huawei XMAGE Trend Report, Huawei revealed that there are over 1.4 trillion photos taken in a single year, and over 89% of those are taken from smartphones. Given the fact that smartphones are accessible and provide high-quality images in an instant.

1.4 trillion is a super huge number and Huawei stated such a figure to mark the successful event of the XMAGE photos showcase and the significance of this mobile camera technology.


Huawei began its MWC 2023 journey by unveiling Huawei XMAGE Trend Report 2023, which is a new mobile imaging technology for Huawei smartphones and first launched in the Huawei Mate 50 series last year.

Images have become the common language of today, and mobile phones play an increasingly important role in this new trend, said Li Changzhu, Vice President of Strategy Marketing, at Huawei Consumer BG.

Huawei XMAGE official video

Huawei said its XMAGE aims to bring a new era of mobile imagery, and we spare no efforts in forging a strong imagery culture via innovation, which brings users a superior experience.

Huawei collaborated with FactStory, assembling a team of expert visual analysts who studied the submitted photographs and videos before sharing their insights on how Huawei devices are being used, with special emphasis on sociology, psychology, and the emotions evoked by the curated images.

Mobius Labs, a deep tech company that builds machine learning software, supported the analysts in their work. The firm’s AIpowered software analyzed the photographs and videos submitted to the NEXT IMAGE Awards, applying more than 9,000 keywords to make it easier for them to sift through the entries and reach their conclusions.

Studying the images themselves while also noting which tags were found to be the most popular by the AI software, the tea settled on 10 core image themes for their studies: Nature, Built Environment, Indoor, Relationships, Identity, Youth, everyday, Cultural Heritage, Technology and Sustainable Future.

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