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5G base stations exceeds 2 million in China: Huawei Chairman



Huawei 5G

During the Huawei Connect Conference 2022, Rotating Chairman, Hu Houkun, gave a keynote speech from the perspective of digital infrastructure and revealed that the 5G base station in China has exceeded 2 million and the number of the 5G industry reached over 500,000. Meanwhile, the optical fiber coverage rate reaches 99%.

He said that all regions have invested heavily in data centers and supercomputing centers in the country exceeding 150EFlops, which now ranks second in the world.

Last September, the total number of mobile communication base stations in China reached 10.72 million, which includes the total number of mobile base stations. As numbers reveal, of the 510 million 5G users, over 30 percent have accounted for smartphone users.

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