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4G is still the way for Huawei next year



huawei 5g

We’re about to enter 2023, and Huawei may still launch 4G smartphones throughout the next year. This may upset some of the consumers, who would like to use the phones in 5G mode.

Input coming from a well-known Weibo tipster reveals that Huawei flagships next year will have the latest chipset technologies but there’s no possibility of a 5G return.

On the other hand, the tipster also predicts no rebirth for the Kirin chip as well. Therefore, the Huawei P60 series will be using Qualcomm chipsets onboard. However, it would still be a 4G device.

The tipster further commemorates that the Chinese tech maker will continue to operate in survival mode. Yet, that won’t be stopping Huawei from launching new technologies to remain competitive in the industry.

As for now, Huawei has launched P50 and Mate 50 series with 4G Snapdragon chipsets. The tech maker is especially accessing these 4G processors from Qualcomm’s chip inventory.

Throughout this year, Huawei only launched 4G smartphones and it’s due to the lack of the important RF component. These are required to enable 5G signals on the SoC and are still out of the reach of the company.

In 2019, Huawei was blacklisted by the U.S. government, thereafter, it cannot print new mobile processors. Therefore, Huawei is hugely relying on third-party chip producers such as Qualcomm.

The lack of important components has caused Huawei big in the 5G smartphone market. As it cannot enable this feature on its phones, even in flaghip models.

But Huawei is developing new technologies to install better network assistance. This is done via better WiFi and signal hardware, in which, Huawei has been the best in the world.

Still, there’s no official or concrete evidence that Huawei will leave us empty-handed next year but we’ll have to follow the story to know more on this matter.

huawei 4g next year

(source – Weibo)

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