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100 million Android users’ data has been exposed because of some tricky apps




Recently, the analysis firm Check Point Research published a report mentioning 23 different Android applications available on the Google Play Store have several security problems, which is proven a great threat to users.

As per the information mentioned in the research report, each app has 50,000 to 10 million active users, so the users using these poorly created apps are huge in numbers. Want to know more about these app names? Check our separate article here.

Among them, a total of 100 million users’ data has been exposed because of the creaks in the security walls of the apps. The researchers of Check Point are able to excess various confidential information about a user such as email addresses, passwords, private chats, device location, user identifiers.

The researchers didn’t take much time to access these pieces of information as there is no strong security to stop them, they are able to access the database of these third-party apps in just a few attempts.

They are able to get 50 million personal chat messages while about 10 million of browser history has been left vulnerable. We can only imagine if this data has been accessing by any malicious actor what cloud has a victim go through.

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