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You can play games on Huawei smartwatches with HarmonyOS 4



Huawei game smartwatches

Huawei smartwatches are the finest smart wearable and HarmonyOS 4 brings games that you can play on your wrist any time anywhere without even unlocking the watch.

HarmonyOS 4 comes with new watch faces and themes that allow touch interactions. For example, the new astronaut spaceship mission watch faces remain normal. It turns into an endless obstacle game as soon as you press the “Go” button at the bottom.

That way the entire watch face becomes a mini game for you to play and clip out the time without your smartphone. The latest functionality is powered by Huawei’s new watch faces with touch interaction support. Therefore, the latest themes also have immersive revealing animations.

What’s more interesting is that Huawei will open this watch face API for third-party developers. So that they can create new mini-games and better watch faces for Huawei smartwatches running HarmonyOS 4 and above.

A New Experience:

Aside from watch faces and interactions, Huawei brought a new ArkEgine and GPU engine to support smoother graphics in the smartwatch. This helps to render real-time pixels better than HarmonyOS 3 and below. Thus improving the entire user interface visuals on screen.

Huawei has planned to upgrade several smartwatches with HarmonyOS 4 and you can check them all on our HarmonyOS 4 eligible device list.

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