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Xinri XC3 becomes the first electric scooter to install Huawei HiLink



Huawei HiLink Xinri scooter

China’s leading electric scooter manufacturer Xinri, join hands with Huawei to open the era of smart riding. The new Xinri XC3 becomes the first electric scooter to install Huawei HiLink to integrate riding into the smart ecosystem.

According to the information, the first batch of electric scooters with Huawei HiLink power by HarmonyOS includes Xinri GF6, Xinri XC3, and Xinri FN3. The two wheels are forming a one-key intelligent connection to the IoE bringing the riding intelligence one step nearer.

Huawei Smart Life APP:

Now, the models are encased with HarmonyOS Connect and Huawei Smart Life App unfolding the NFC functionality and many other amenities. In Huawei HiLink connected scooter users can easily operate the following task

  1. Turn on the power, lock, unlock, and even realize keyless travel
  2. Keep an eye on the battery and remaining mileage with the internet
  3. Check vehicle health diagnosis, the status of the battery, motor, handle, and controller

Huawei HiLink scooter

Asides, it’s automatically able to lock the vehicle and starts an anti-theft alarm system to guarantee extra safety. Furthermore, the HiLink connect wheel is also regularly provided with new improvements via OTA platforms to maintain its functionality.

To be mentioned, both Huawei and Xinri announce their alliance on 18th August. As the first two-wheeled electric brand to join the HarmonyOS ecology, it will directly enjoy the interconnection of everything carried by the Huawei HarmonyOS Connect system.

About Xinri:

Globally known as SUNRA, the company’s electric vehicle provides takes us for outstanding traveling and execution combining strong power, absolute control, and intelligent technology. The company is involved with designing, research, development, manufacturing, and transportation of electric vehicles.

The company has an excellent collection of Miku series, utility, high-speed, moped, and small-size scooters. To date, it’s serving in more than 70 countries providing over 2000 after-sale service outlets.

(Source- Ithome)

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