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Xiaomi took 50 million Huawei smartphone users: President



Xiaomi and Huawei

After the events of the U.S. ban, Huawei had to reduce its capacity of building new smartphones, which result in low yield and sales, and now, Xiaomi claims that it took over 50 million of Huawei’s users.

During the Xiaomi Investment Day, Lu Weibing, President of Xiaomi Group said that Huawei has lost over 80 million smartphone users, of which, Xiaomi took over 50 million.

This is quite a big statement made by the head of the Chinese phone maker as Huawei was forced to leave the market due to the restrictions on manufacturing.

After not meeting the market requirements the share of Huawei’s smartphone market declined severely in both the Chinese and global markets. While other smartphone makers are the ones that got most of the benefits.

Xiaomi and Huawei

From the rest, Apple took over 20 million users and Honor grabbed 10 million, which accounts for an overall 80 million Huawei users.

According to the data revealed by Canalys, the global smartphone market ranked Samsung first and Apple second, which has increased by 22 percent and 19 percent respectively. While Xiaomi declined to 13 percent.

Aside from Apple and Samsung, other smartphone maker has declined. On this matter, Xiaomi’s president said that the decline in his firm is related to various reasons such as currency depreciation, chips from shortage to surplus, and intensified competition, the global mobile phone market will decline by 12% in 2022, of which the Chinese market will decline by 13%.

Why not?

It was an opportunity for all of the smartphone companies with an open opportunity to grab Huawei’s market share and it fell directly into their lap without doing anything.

(via – CNMO)

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