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What do you think about the new Huawei P60 camera layout?



huawei p60 camera layout

Huawei P60 series is making headlines over the internet and the company has already finalized that this flagship is landing in the first quarter of 2023. Yes, the news is not official. But there’s a Huawei P60 cover that leaked yesterday that shows a lot about the camera layout.

There’s not much to be seen on the cover but what could a TPU cover reveal? Openings? And these openings are sufficient to get key takeaways.

If you look closely, the camera system is a mix between Huawei P40 and P50 series, which is a good combination. But the difference here stands in the camera arrangement, which is important.

huawei p60 cover new camera

Huawei P40 Camera:

Huawei P40 has a vertically placed rectangle including the main camera, cine camera, and a 3D depth camera. The former three cameras are organized vertically on the left and a 3D depth camera is below the LED flash on the right side.

Huawei P50 Pro:

Huawei P50 Pro is the first phone to bring an innovative dual ring design. The phone has two three cameras inside the top ring, while a periscope zoom rests inside the second ring along with an LED flash.

Huawei P60:

Looking at the Huawei P60, the cover shows three primary openings. The first is square, the second is round (large) and the third one is also square. The right side of the camera module follows an LED cutout and probably a color sensor at the bottom.

There’s no other opening found on the cover except these.

To reiterate, there are ‘two’ square cutouts on the cover. This is only used for the periscope camera system. Given the size and the empty space, we could speculate that the center ring might feature two or three cameras. If, the cover is accurate.

All and all, these are just some speculations. What do you think of this Huawei P60 series camera layout? Let us know in the tweet below.

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