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Vivo X100 Pro may bring satellite SMS tech to compete against Huawei and Apple



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Vivo is preparing to compete against Huawei in the satellite SMS and communication area with the upcoming Vivo X100 Pro smartphone.

Weibo user WHYLab revealed that the upcoming Vivo 100 Pro has received China’s MIIT-required radio frequency approval and it could equip satellite communication features.

Similar to the past X series Vivo phones, the Vivo 100 series consist of three model – Standard, Pro, and Pro+. The latter two will boast specifications including satellite communication. Meanwhile, there’s no confirmation on this matter.

Over the past year, a number of Chinese smartphone makers tried to launch phones with satellite SMS technology such as Meizu and Xiaomi but changed plans due to unknown reasons. This makes Huawei the only phone in the industry with advanced satellite calling and satellite dual-way SMS connection.

If the current plan of Vivo X100 Pro goes into mass production, Vivo will become the second Chinese company after Huawei to launch satellite SMS technology.

It is also suggested that Vivo could choose the UNISOC V8821 chip to enable satellite communication. It is also confirmed that the chip supports two-way text, image, voice, and video transmission. However, such new features are under development via UNISOC.

Vivo X100 Pro satellite sms huawei

Past information shows that Vivo X100 Pro will equip a new MediaTek Dimensity 9300 chipset based on TSMC’s N4P technology node. Reflecting that MediaTek wants to go head-to-head with Apple’s latest A17 Pro chip. However, we will have to wait until the chip comes out in action.

Aside from the chipset, Vivo X100 Pro could also bring a 1-inch super large main camera system with a large aperture. Also, improved camera system for the telephoto zoom and other camera capabilities. Still, the main lens may be the only highlight for the Pro model.

Huawei Satellite Calling:

Huawei Mate 60 Pro flagship is the first in the world to come with a satellite calling feature. The phone could conduct real-time calls to a contact without requiring a native smartphone network.

Last year, Huawei launched one-way satellite SMS and earlier this year, Huawei launched two-way SMS tech. Within a year, Huawei advanced this tech for calling with Mate 60 Pro, which reflects extraordinary efforts from the company.

(via – Mydrivers)

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