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US will ban new Huawei network equipment, that’s a new low



US ban huawei equipment

The U.S. is continuously making new efforts to keep Huawei down on the ground and stop its progress in all aspects, especially in the telecom equipment market. In the latest edition, US Federal Communication Commission is set to ban new Huawei network equipment to be used in the country, which is a new low for the U.S. government.

According to Reuters, US FCC will ban the approval of new Huawei telecommunication network equipment along with another Chinese equipment maker – ZTE due to so-called ‘national security concerns.

FCC Chairwoman Jessia Rosenworcel is discussing this ban with other FCC remembers. Once, approved, Huawei and other companies will ban from selling new equipment in the U.S. without authorization. While the deadline for this discussion is set for November this year.

“The FCC remains committed to protecting our national security by ensuring that untrustworthy communications equipment is not authorized for use within our borders, and we are continuing that work here,” wrote Rosenworcel.

Last year, FCC planned this ban, especially for five Chinese companies including Huawei, ZTE, Hytera Communication, Hikvision, and Zhejiang Dahua. Mark Warner, chairperson of the senate intelligence Committee said he was satisfied with FCC’s approach to safe keep U.S. networks.

Entity List:

The entire drama of bans originated in Trump-era when the former American president announced the Entity List. This targets tech giants such as Huawei from accessing key U.S.-based technologies to build new products such as smartphones or network technology gears.

In 2020, FCC confirmed Huawei as a national security threat alongside ZTE and ordered it to be removed from the country’s network infrastructure. On the hand, the commission has passed a bill to provide 1.8 billion USD in assistance for service providers to remove these network types of equipment.

In reality, U.S. carriers need more funds than the actual one that was announced by the FCC, as they will have to pay more than half for every piece of equipment. The subsidy will only cover around 20-40% of equipment, while they’ll have to pay the rest of the price from their own funds.

US ban huawei equipment

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