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US is hacking Huawei servers and data since 2009: China




There’s a shocking revelation made by China that the US security agency has been hacking Huawei servers and data since 2009.

China’s Ministry of State Security published a report on Wednesday saying that the US National Security Agency (NSA) “repeatedly carried out systematic and platform-based attacks” on China in an attempt to steal its “important data resources”. The targeted companies include Huawei and its trade secrets with other firms.

The report says that the NSA used its Office of Tailored Access Operations (TAO) to hack Huawei servers at headquarters in 2009 and continue to monitor them.

The TAO is the NSA’s cyberwarfare intelligence-gathering unit, now called Computer Network Operations. In 2013, Snowden – a former NSA contractor – released internal documents showing the agency’s targets included Huawei’s sealed headquarters in Shenzhen.

The report is titled “Uncovering the main despicable Means of Cyberattacks and secret theft by US intelligence agencies”. It aims to reveal the operations conducted by the NSA to build a powerful combination of cyberattacks on other countries to carry out surveillance and steal secret information.

Snowden Documents:

The US government alleges that Huawei is a security threat. US security experts also allege that the company is stealing data from the backdoor in its telecom gear. However, Huawei already denies these claims.

The Snowden documents show that the NSA hack on Huawei’s headquarters was an effort to get information about the features and working methods of routers and digital switches. It also tried to espionage on top Huawei executives.

The operation, code-named Shotgiant, tried to exploit Huawei’s technology so that equipment sold to other countries – both US allies and nations that avoid buying American products – could give the NSA access to computer and telephone networks. NSA was also looking for some links between Huawei and the Chinese military but there’s nothing found on this matter in the document.

Based on the allegations and claims, the US restricted Huawei from doing business inside the country in 2019. The US government also pursuing its top allies to drop Huawei Telecom with the same allegations. Some are accepting US claims and some don’t.

Meanwhile, we’re waiting for a response from the US government on the report of hacking Huawei servers and data.

(via – SCMP)

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