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US intelligence sharing relationship won’t change if UK allows Huawei, says MI5 head



The head of MI5, UK’s secret service says he is confident that the US intelligence-sharing relationship will not change if Britain chooses to allow Huawei for its 5G network, says a report.

The US alleges that Huawei can use its network equipment to steal consumer information, which Huawei has repeatedly denied.

A report last week reveals that the US is preparing to put a final warning on the UK over Huawei’s participation in 5G citing that the Intelligence sharing between the two countries could be affected.

According to FT, MI5 head Andrew Parker said the US-UK partnership was “very close and trusted”, adding: “It is, of course, of great importance to us. And, I dare say, to the US too, though that’s for them to say. It is a two-way street.”

Andrew acknowledged that security concerns alone should not always “dominate and dictate” a decision, and that Mr Johnson and his national security council had been left with a difficult decision because there were so few suppliers in the market.

All four major mobile networks in the UK including Vodafone, BT, EE, and Three launched 5G services using Huawei’s network gear and government official admits that blocking Huawei would cost a big deal for consumers.

Despite U.S. pressure, some of the insiders hint that Boris Johnson is expected to allow Huawei in its 5G network infrastructure. However, an official announcement is due to be made later this month.

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