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There’s no Huawei Mate 50X: Tipster



Huawei Mate 50X

Huawei Mate 50X is what users are mainly looking for in the upcoming flagship series. After waiting for years, and listening to several new tweaks about the Mate 50 and its other members, Huawei fans are curious to know whether this time they will get the glance of the X series or not.

And to relieve this curiousness, once again we are back with the Huawei Mate 50X topic. But this time the information is quite unfortunate. Sadly, we will not find any smartphone model in the Mate 50 lineup that carries an X tag.

That says one of the famous Weibo blogger – @FactoryDirectorShiGuan. The tipster has clearly mentioned in his recent post that there is no Mate 50X in the forthcoming Mate 50 series. Consequently, users who were missing the X series will have to continue with the same grief for some more time.

It’s quite surprising to see that Huawei has suddenly marked a full stop on the dynamic X series. Though the company has given its consumers a bunch of devices that are much more powerful than the elder members of the smartphone family. Yet, after Mate 20 series, the users were anticipating finally having a glimpse of X-devices with the Mate 50 smartphone lineup.

Huawei Mate 50X

Other Mate 50 Models are bashing!

Althouh, we don’t have any official confirmation about this leak but can take it as almost what we’re about to witness. But that will never be a matter of disappointment as the company is bringing four attractive Mate 50 models on the consumer platform. These comprise the standard Mate 50, the Pro variant, and the ultimate Porsche edition.

Alongside, Huawei has implemented such technologies in new handset models that you would have never seen before. A good example is the XMAGE tech that will fill your photography time with more enthusiasm and zeal. On the flip side, you will find high-quality snaps with more vibrancy and details.

And about the X-series, well, let’s see whether the company will take a chance in the time ahead or will it remain stagnant in this subject.

Huawei Mate 50X


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