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Huawei will be included in Telenor’s 5G rollout



Telenor, Norway’s major telecom says Huawei would play a role in building its fifth-generation (5G) network despite the US pressure.

The new statement came out after Telenor on Friday announced the kick-off of 5G services in Norway with Ericsson.

Hanne Knudsen, Telenor vice president for communications, told Reuters: Huawei, with which Telenor has collaborated for more than a decade on 4G, will continue to play a role in modernizing its infrastructure.

“Ericsson has been introduced as a new vendor for 5G RAN, but we will also work with Huawei both to maintain the 4G network and also upgrade to 5G coverage in selected areas of Norway,” Knudsen said.

Radio access network or RAN refers to the radios and antenna that connects smartphones to the mobile network and accounts for the bulk of the cost of a new network. It is not the core.

She further said Telenor’s Finnish subsidiary DNA also uses Huawei as one of several vendors for 5G RAN.

Huawei told Reuters that it welcomed the move and looking forward to continuing collaboration with Telenor

Huawei facing high scrutiny in Europe amid U.S. allegations that it poses a national security threat. Of which, Huawei has denied these allegations.

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