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Shenzhen will build global HarmonyOS and Euler ecosystem city with 1.4 million USD funding



Shenzhen Hongmeng Euler

Huawei has invented two open-source operating systems – HarmonyOS and Euler, which are mainly adaptable to numerous smartphones and servers in the native region. According to the latest report, Shenzhen city is planning to speed up the cultivation of the HarmonyOS and Euler ecosystems.

To grasp the strategic opportunities for the growth of HarmonyOS and Euler systems, the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology issued a notice entitled “Several Measures for accelerating the cultivation of the HarmonyOS Euler Ecosystem (Draft for comments)”. For doing so, the company grants funding and investment up to 10 million yuan (1.4 million USD).

Aim of “Several Measures”

The notice mainly targets the HarmonyOS operating system. Besides, it pens down the difficulties with Euler interface development and relevant solutions. On the other hand, the term “Several Measures” points out the other coherent facts of this notice.

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Accordingly, various open-source contributions and product developments will be encouraged. The distribution companies will get support to flourish more in Shenzhen. Moreover, the equipment firms and the software firms will be able to purchase HarmonyOS Euler modules and Harmony applications respectively.

Consequently, the distribution institutes will be able to achieve a position among the top five sales of HarmonyOS, and the Euler interface will get a reward of 5 million yuan. Apart from new goals and setups, Shenzhen is also trying to focus on the production and service units, with an approx of 20+8 industrial clusters.

Shenzhen Hongmeng Euler

Further, the notice reads that every year,  a batch of excellent demonstration projects for HarmonyOS will get selected, where the applying party will invest 30 percent of the total investment project with a subsidy of 10 million yuan.

Huawei recently conducted the Huawei Partner and Developer Conference 2022. At this event, the Vice President of Huawei, Deng Taihua said the following words:

“Euler’s commercial installed capacity has exceeded 1.7 million units. The new market share reached 19%, and it is expected to reach 25% by the end of the year. The goal next year is to achieve the first new market share in China.”

To summarize, Shenzhen is trying to develop a digital and global HarmonyOS Euler City for cultivating and developing software and Information service Industry Clusters (2022 – 2025).


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