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Shanghai Dictionary Publication announces HarmonyOS native app development



Shanghai Dictionary HarmonyOS native app

Shanghai Dictionary Publishing House has announced the launch of the HarmonyOS native app development for its ‘Cihai’ application. The firm has recently signed an agreement with Huawei to obtain significant and beneficial customer services.

‘Cihai’ is a large-scale dictionary and encyclopedia of the official Chinese language. It is produced in the Shanghai Dictionary Publishing House, situated in mainland China. The publication facilitates its customers with revised editions of Cihai.

Released in 1936, Cihai consists of more than 80 years of history. After six major editions, Cihai became one of the most popular dictionaries and encyclopedias in the native region. Meanwhile, the publication firm released its online version in 2021.

Eventually, consumers can explore the dictionary anytime, anywhere, and on any device such as computers, smartphones, tablets, and more. To date, it has provided useful facilities and learnings to over 420 million users in China.

Shanghai Dictionary HarmonyOS native app

Shanghai Dictionary Publication (Source: MyDrivers)

Now, the Shanghai Dictionary Publication has launched the HarmonyOS native app development for the Cihai online version 3.0. This is the first publication house to promote the expansion of the HarmonyOS ecosystem among its consumers.

The HarmonyOS NEXT-based Cihai app will ensure smart features and services for its users. Hence, the new application version will offer a more efficient, intelligent, and personalized experience, without any interruption or issues.

On the other hand, this cooperation will lead to a beneficial partnership between Huawei and the Shanghai Dictionary publishing house. Both parties will continue to boost the HarmonyOS ecosystem among their customers. It will further lead to in-depth integration in many services to bring a reliable user experience.


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