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Samsung shares 98 U.S. patents to Huawei



Huawei Samsung

Samsung has transferred 98 U.S. technology patents to Huawei, this is quite a big patent-sharing activity and we’ve some more information to share.

South Korean media, Thelec reported that Samsung transferred 81 patents in 2019 and there are 98 U.S. patents (new ones) to Huawei last month. Therefore, a total of 179 patents transferred from Samsung to Huawei so far.

Huawei and Samsung signed a cross-license patent-sharing agreement, which allows both of these companies to share patents with each other. However, the recent agreement is just a new version, which was first signed in 2019 after their patent dispute.

According to the information, the worth of patents shared by both Samsung to Huawei is likely to be the same. It is also revealed that the patent shared under this agreement are related to telecommunication, charging, camera, display, and more.

Currently, there are no specific details about the patent technologies that Huawei will use to produce its products but we can remain optimistic that these will do some good to the tech maker.

It’s reported that Huawei has signed a similar agreement with major players in the tech industry including the home ground smartphone maker, Oppo. Huawei is focusing more on sharing patent technologies with other companies in a way to make revenue from its patent prowess.

Huawei Samsung

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