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Samsung joins Huawei, Apple: Galaxy S24 to support satellite connectivity



Huawei Samsung Galaxy S24 satellite

Samsung has been rumored to join Huawei in the satellite connectivity race and looks like, the Galaxy S24 series will be a huge help in this matter. A new leak has recently confirmed that the upcoming S lineup will accompany the satellite SMS feature.

Eventually, a Samsung Galaxy S24 screenshot has surfaced online which claims that the approaching models will use satellite connectivity functions, just like flagship Huawei and Apple models. This would be the first Android small-screen phone to fall in this trend.

Talking about the leaked screenshot, it highlights an “Emergency text via satellite” feature. If you call emergency services when you’re out of range or not connected to a mobile network, the feature will connect you via a satellite network so you can send an emergency message.

Notably, the feature will be available for both the Snapdragon and Exynos versions of the Galaxy S24 series. With the help of 5G NTN tech which offers two-way satellite communication, the Galaxy S24 series will provide Huawei-like emergency services.

Huawei Samsung Galaxy S24 satellite

In recent times, several smartphone vendors have been putting efforts into implementing satellite connectivity features on their newest models. However, Huawei has been the first to initiate this development with the Mate 50 lineup.

In addition, the Chinese tech maker continued to improve the technology and unveiled advanced satellite SMS features with the P60 series, where you can exchange messages without a SIM. Apple iPhone 14 and 15 series is another example of this concept which offers prominent satellite-oriented functions to its users.

And now, Samsung Galaxy S24 is following the same path. The information reveals that the device will make its way to the launch stage in January 2024.

Huawei Samsung Galaxy S24 satellite


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