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Right after P60, Huawei is launching stylish Nova 11 series



Huawei Nova 11

Within a short time span after the Huawei P60 series launch, the company is set to launch the stylish Huawei Nova 11 series. This could be a blockbuster conference and it’s for people who love an amazing mid-range device.

Huawei has already revealed the design and features of the upcoming Nova 11 series through a promo poster and also announced that the next full-scenario product launch conference is set for April 17.

Huawei’s chief operating officer, He Gang previously said in an interview that there are various supply chain assets stabilized over the past year. Therefore, the launch of the Huawei Nova 11 series has become possible at the earliest.

Since the very beginning, the Huawei Nova series is known for its iconic design, which represents the youth. Each generation of Huawei’s Nova has excellent camera capabilities. These phones perform excellently as compared to other phones in the same price segment.

Also, the Nova brand has become a phenomenon with wide acclaim in the industry. These phones are always aimed and designed for young consumers, bringing devices with attractive appearances and powerful camera features.

These functionalities created a solid foundation for the growth of Nova smartphones. That’s why, the Huawei Nova 11 series will continue to lead the trends.


Looking at the promo image, Huawei Nova 11 will equip a new design language. It uses a green plain leather back panel and has an embossing process that is common in fashion wear products. The embossing is Nova’s “Star Shine Label” and is full of fashion sense.

The phone consists of a vertical camera structure and looks similar to the Huawei P60 series. It’s also suggested that the phone will use variable aperture camera technology.

Furthermore, the Huawei Nova 11 series may also be the first mid-range phone with satellite communication SMS. There is a lot of amazing tech coming for the youth on April 17 and there’s a lot more to know about the stylish Huawei Nova 11 lineup.

Huawei nova 11 series launch poster for april 17

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