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OpenHarmony 3.2 Beta 5 rolling out




Huawei is preparing to launch a new version of HarmonyOS, on the other hand, the open-source HarmonyOS, OpenHarmony has released a new beta 5 version OpenHarmony 3.2.

According to the information, the latest OpenHarmony 3.2 Beta 5 is based on Beta 4, while it brings optimizations and enhancement for a better development environment for developers.

Let’s dive into the new enhanced capabilities of the standard system:

Optimized webview startup performance: Enhanced capabilities such as configuration management and support for input events, so JSON files can be imported and loaded in modular mode.

Support taskpool: hap package dynamic library is not compressed and the loaded host version TS2AOT-tool tool compiler runtime supports in-app shared packages.

Support installation/update/uninstallation of dynamic shared library: support packaging and unpacking of dynamic shared library for applications without configured entry icons, default icons can be displayed on the home screen. HAR shared package runtime capability can be verified.

Card local database switching: Abnormal frequent restart protection of resident applications; ServiceExtensionAbility supports asynchronous onConnected life cycle.

Supports the binding and authentication of local accounts and domain accounts, as well as the basic framework of domain account management services. It supports the prohibition of directly creating local users.

Support power lamp, light lamp capacity control.

HDI drives the display layer, which can support horizontal mirroring and vertical mirroring.

Enhancements for Huawei Standard System App Development Framework:

  • The toolchain adds a process of compiling shared packages.
  • ArkUI adapts the ability to obtain resources by resource name.
  • Provides component capabilities for multi-level menus and grouped menus.
  • Added the process of compiling the har package.
  • Added the ability to adapt to the hap compilation process, and the .d.ets declaration file can be recognized during hap compilation.

Enhancement for system distributed capability:

  • Support BLE connection parameter configuration, connection process optimization.

OpenHarmony 3.2 Beta 5 changelog

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