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November 2023 update with new features rolling out for AITO cars



Huawei AITO M5

On November 4, 2023, AITO is pushing a new software OTA update for AITO smart cars with 6 new features and over 10 optimizations for a better user experience. A

The new update adds a high-speed NCA smart driving aviation assistant based on the GOD (General Obstacle Detection) network and RCR (Road Cognition and Reasoning, Road Topology Reasoning).

Therefore the NCA no longer relies on high-precision maps and can be used on highways, elevated roads, expressways, and more.

Sentry Mode:

This mode detects if there is any behavior that may cause harm to the vehicle nearby such as scratches from other passing vehicles, smashed windows, and more. In any given condition, the vehicle automatically records a video for the user to review.

Offline Maps:

Users only need to download the Huawei Petal Map of the city in their region according to the journey or their preference. In areas with no connectivity, the offline maps will lead them safely to the destination without any issues.

Cockpit connection:

During the journey, Huawei MagLink can help the user to link multiple devices with the cockpit. Allowing them to enable content sharing in real-time.

The update adds karaoke support during driving state and you can also sing with a microphone. On the other hand, the MagLink also allows you to play games on the screen.

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