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November 2021 EMUI security details comes in, major software update awaited



Huawei EMUI November 2021 update

Global Huawei smartphone users are pretty worried about the next major software update and the Chinese tech maker seeming working hidden on this matter. Some reports have emerged and show that the company has started testing new software for the global Huawei device owners. However, Huawei hasn’t confirmed any such news.

Meanwhile, there’s are a number of new software updates that being received by the Huawei smartphones including security patches and new software optimizations that install new apps as well as system improvements.

In the latest edition, Huawei has revealed EMUI November 2021 security patch details that come with new fixes for security flaws (CVEs) found in past software builds. Although we’re still in October, Huawei seemingly paced up the approval of security patches in the past few months.

Still, the reality of on-stage rollout is still far away on the ground for the EMUI smartphone owners including both new and old smartphones. According to the information, November 2021 security patch details include ranges of smartphones that are eligible to receive this latest software update.

CVE = Common Vulnerabilities Exposures

Huawei EMUI November 2021 update

The November 2021 Huawei EMUI security patch fixes one critical, 22 high levels of CVEs, 8 medium levels of CVEs while there’s no low level of CVEs. The November 2021 security patch also fixes 2 high levels of CVE as well as 8 levels of medium CVEs.

Details of these CVEs are linked below.

  • Critical: CVE-2020-11264
  • High: CVE-2020-15358, CVE-2021-0652, CVE-2021-0706, CVE-2021-0708, CVE-2021-0651, CVE-2021-0705, CVE-2021-0643, CVE-2021-0702, CVE-2021-0703, CVE-2021-30306, CVE-2021-30305, CVE-2021-27666, CVE-2021-29647, CVE-2020-29660, CVE-2021-1977, CVE-2020-24588, CVE-2021-1980, CVE-2020-24587, CVE-2020-26139, CVE-2020-26141, CVE-2020-26145, CVE-2020-26146
  • Medium: CVE-2021-0941, CVE-2021-31916, CVE-2021-1966, CVE-2021-0936, CVE-2021-0935, CVE-2021-1967, CVE-2019-25045, CVE-2021-0937
  • Low: None

Furthermore, there are three CVEs that have been fixed in the past month’s security bulletin.

CVE details for Third-party libraries:

  • High: CVE-2021-32399, CVE-2020-17541
  • Medium: CVE-2020-14314, CVE-2019-20934, CVE-2020-25641, CVE-2020-35508, CVE-2020-12352, CVE-2020-24490, CVE-2021-3564, CVE-2021-0129

Following this announcement and the CVE details, the company will begin to send these fixes carried on the monthly OTA update rollouts and it’ll expand gradually among different Huawei devices in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned for more information, we’ll keep you posted on any major software update rollout status if it occurs.

Amy is our firmware and software specialist, she keeps her eagle eyes open for new software rollouts, beta programs, and other software related activities as well as new smartphone launch.