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New update for Petal Maps brings options for real time traffic, public transit information and more



Last year, Huawei revealed its self-developed navigation and maps service provider application, Petal Maps as an alternative to Google Maps. Users can download this app from AppGallery but its availability is based on regions and markets.

Petal Maps features map browsing, map searching, navigation, and air gestures. Also, it not only lets you get your current location, browse the map, search for places, and add your favorites, but displays real-time traffic conditions, events, and more.

Now, Huawei has started sending a new major software update for Petal Maps. This update offers new features to enhance the user experience with the latest changes.

What’s new in this update:

  • Provides real-time bus information to help you stay on schedule.
  • Adds bus, walking, and cycling route options for route planning.
  • Allows you to share places.
  • Gives rest area reminders during navigation.
  • Shows extra information when you finish navigating, including your maximum speed and overall duration
  • Adds support for navigation in Japanese, Russian, and Thai.

The public transit navigation is online in Australia, Belgium, Luxembourg, Canada, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Finland, France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, and others. While, the cycling route planning mode will be available in Germany, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Norway, New Zealand, Poland, and Sweden.

People who unaware, the Petal Maps application was launched globally with Huawei Mate 40 series smartphones. It supports multiple languages, with voice notifications in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Mandarin in over 140 countries.

The features mentioned above may vary in different markets and available to download via the AppGallery with version (001). To be noted, these improvements are still rolling out under the beta channel and a stable version is on its way to the consumers.

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