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New IoT device control panel feature of Huawei Watch 3 can control every smart devices



Huawei Watch 3 update

August 2021 firmware update for Watch 3 and Watches 3 Pro smartwatches comes with HarmonyOS This new firmware brought a big list of new features along with some optimizations. Meanwhile, the IoT device control panel is one of the most advanced and useful features that this update carries.

Watch 3 update

This function lets users control different sets of devices from their smartwatch very conveniently. The Huawei Watch 3 IoT device control panel is one of the most important features of the HarmonyOS that allows interconnection of everything and unlocks the wisdom on your wrist.

The initial devices which support this functionality include smart switches, smart air conditioners, air purifiers, smart lighting, smart sockets, smart sockets, fans, sweeping robots, smart desk lamps, humidifiers, switch controllers, and earphones. In the upcoming updates, more smart device displays and control will be supported.

Watch 3 update

Edit IoT Device Control Panel

To enable the IoT device control panel setting on your Watch 3, select Settings >> More connections >> Multi-device Control Panel. Now, turn on the Smart Life Basic Services switch to allow the smartphone to sync account info with the watch.

Watch 3 IoT device control center

You can also configure and change the settings of the Huawei Watch 3 IoT device control panel from the mobile phone and check the display status of the device through a widget. It can show up to six devices on the widget. In case there are more than 6 devices and you want to check more then:

  • Click ‘Edit Smart Device‘ in the upper right corner to see the display of more devices.

To add a new device

  • Press the device widget to drag and drop more devices.

To remove a device

  • Navigate to ‘Edit Smart Device
  • Click on ‘-‘ in the upper right corner of the device widget to remove it.

At last, the device widget on the watch side will synchronize the settings on the phone.

Watch 3 IoT device control center

How to use IoT devices from the watch

The watch can control the operation of these smart devices, to do that, pull down from the top of the display to display the shortcut menu. Then pull down again to enter the IoT device control panel. You can now open and close any connected device from the device card display area.

Huawei Watch 3 quick settings

You can do a lot more than just the simple operation and control of these smart devices. Additionally, you can also set detailed scenes such as conditions and tasks for each connected device in the Smart Life app according to their needs and the situation.

Watch 3 IoT device control center

This IoT device control panel feature of the Huawei Watch 3 is completely worth it. It confirms the HarmonyOS concept of the Internet of Everything, truly making smart homes smarter with one-click control, and creating your own smart life.

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