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New Huawei Periscope zoom camera is powerful



Huawei Periscope Zoom

Huawei is known for high quality periscope camera technology but there’s a new camera change coming in this zoom tech. Probably, we can see this new periscope zoom camera technology with the upcoming Huawei flagship.

Chinese patent office has published a new patent with application number CN114966919A with a brand new periscope camera technology. Before we jump into complicated details, here is a more simple explanation.

This new technology uses three built-in lenses of different sizes and depths. There’s also a wide prism OIS to send a large view for the sensor. The three lenses move physically to achieve a stable image. This physical change in periscope structure will be utilized by the XMAGE algorithm for an enhanced telephoto picture.

New Huawei Periscope

Below is a more technical version of the patent in action.

The patent shows that the telephoto lens includes a first lens group, a second lens group, and a third lens group arranged from the object side to the image side. The first lens group and the third lens group are fixed lens groups, and the second lens group is a focusing lens group.

Lens group – during the focusing process of the telephoto lens switching from the distant view to the close view, the second lens group moves along the optical axis to the object side, and the combined focal length of the first lens group and the second lens group decreases.

The combined focal length of the second lens group and the third lens group is reduced. The above-mentioned telephoto lens has a strong focusing ability and high image quality.

Coming with P60 series?

The past camera samples of the Huawei P60 series show that the phone will use new telephoto zoom technology. A report says that Huawei P60 will pack a new RYYB color array for a bright image in zoom scenarios.

Still, we need confirmation and March 23 is not far away when Huawei will unveil the P60 series.

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