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New Huawei Patent merges AR technology to video calling



Huawei AR video calling patent

Huawei is bringing a new technical merger for video call services. In the latest edition, Huawei has obtained a new patent for combining AR (Augmented reality)Technology with the video calling feature.

Before we jump to the patent details, let’s understand what is AR Technology.

AR Technology stands for Augmented Reality. The main aim of this tech-pack product is to bring real-world scenarios to the computing field. It provides three-dimensional pictures of the objects. As a result, it seems like a user is playing in the natural life.

And it looks like, Huawei is planning to bring AR technology into the video calling services with its new patent. As per the input revealings, the Chinese tech maker has started the development of an AR communication system.

The company has issued an interesting patent application with CN112788273B number and the title reads “An Augmented Reality AR Communication System and AR-based Communication Method”.

How does the AR communication system work?

The giant communication mechanism will comprise an AR media server and two SBCs (server-based computing). Further, the AR media server will be present in the communication system. Meanwhile, the SBCs will be available on both sides of the system.

The media streaming channels will remain open between the AR component and the SBC servers so that the devices on both sides of the call can exchange data and information effectively.

On the other hand, the media stream will also work as a transmitter. It will transmit the call signals from the SBC elements to the AR media and thereafter, will exchange the information between devices.

As a result, the entire communication system will enable the processing of AR technology during video calls. It will turn on an improved and more realistic experience in the video calls held between various devices.

It would be worth seeing when this effective technology will take place in the real world.


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