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New EU repair rules instruct phone makers for extra 12-month guarantee period



EU 12 month guarantee phone repair

The European Union (EU) commands phone makers for an extra 12-month guarantee period on repair and maintenance services. The authority has recently reached a provisional deal on the ‘right-to-repair’ legislation for better facilities.

As per the information, the EU and Parliament have discussed effective regulations that can strengthen the ‘right-to-repair’ laws. One of these is to extend the Android phone repair guarantee time by a 12-month period, obeying the EU laws.

In simple words, when a product gets repaired under the warranty time, the manufacturer needs to increase the warranty duration by 1 year. This would be a significant step in encouraging consumers to repair their smartphones on time.

EU 12 month guarantee phone repair

Apart from the repair warranty extension, new regulations also count the offering of spare parts at a reasonable price. In addition, the EU will put up barricades for tech makers on using second-hand parts or 3D-printed spare parts via independent repairers.

The next rule is to repair the handset within a considerable time without consuming weeks in it. Meanwhile, users will still be able to pick a repair or replacement option in case their device remains damaged within the warranty period.

Another useful facility would be an online repair platform that will show a variety of repair services in each member state so that users can choose without visiting the service center. EU further plans to bring a standardized repair information form for repairers.


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